LINETO Iron Gold
  • LINETO Iron Gold

    625,00 €Preço

    A refined and technical design that features an innovative dual rotating saddle bridge construction, Lineto is conceived as a follow up to DITA’s iconic Tessel.


    DESIGN THAT FINDS BEAUTY IN PURPOSE: The saddle bridge and swing arm system is designed to adapt to the wearer for maximum comfort. The saddle bridge rotates on two screws on the x-axis while the swing arm provides a flex point on the z-axis overcoming the fit limitations of the traditional saddle bridge.


    CRAFTSMANSHIP THAT CELEBRATES THE UNSEEN: Lineto is crafted with DITA’s titanium wire construction, featuring a new floating side wire detail.


    CULTURE THAT TRANSCENDS CONVENTION: Inspired by the mechanical Art Deco sensibility of the 1930s in a traditional square shape.


    — Titanium frame

    — Innovative dual bridge construction with custom rotating saddle bridge

    — Floating side wire detail